Biographical Information

Dr. David Dolatowski

Dr. David Dolatowski  began composing during his high school years for Merrillville High School in Northwest Indiana, where he earned the Music Departmental Award. He then attended the Indiana University School of Music where he majored in Composition and received both the Bachelor and Master of Music degrees. He began his Doctoral studies at IU, which he later finished at the Union Institute and University in Cincinnati, Ohio, having earned a Ph.D. in Music.

Dr. Dolatowski’s  “classical” compositions include works for orchestra, concert band, mixed and women’s choirs, as well as a wide variety of chamber music. Two of his works for harp have been catalogued in the University of Illinois “Sousa Archives” as part of a harp music collection.

In 2012 his “Desert Winds” for solo Clarinet received international recognition at the Conservatorio di Adria in  Ferrara, Italy during an Italian New Music Festival, and the John Cage International Music Festival.

Dr. Dolatowski’s  commercial credits include tracks on internet radio and four film scores. His most recent film score is an independent film, “This Is Going To Be Awesome” with Homeless George Productions in Mesa, Arizona. (2015)

In December of 2011 he released a CD of original works for music therapy, meditation and T’ai Chi practice titled “Spirit of Healing”.  In October of 2022 he released an album of electronic music, “Celestial Realms.”

Recent "international credits" include the European recordings of Capriccio Southwest for solo piano; Quattuor for Saxophone quartet; Sheldon Street Trio for woodwinds; and Night Visitors for chamber orchestra. Recorded in The Netherlands (2023)

Dr. Dolatowski’s teaching career included Northcentral University and Yavapai College in Prescott, Arizona USA. He currently teaches piano, violin, viola and composition in his private studio and online.


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